Quorum Required For Annual Meetings

As community associations hold their 2013 annual meetings, many share a common challenge: obtaining a quorum to conduct business.  A quorum is the number of owners present, in person or by proxy, that is required to be present to transact business, including conducting an election.  Often, an association’s governing documents require that a majority of owners be present to conduct the election, which can be difficult and challenging to achieve.  If a quorum is not present, the election may not be held.

 HOAleader.com recently addressed this important issue in a recent article: http://www.hoaleader.com/public/No-Quorum-for-Meeting-to-Elect-a-Board-Give-Up-And-Can-the-Prior-Board-Carry-On.cfm

 To remedy this requirement, many community associations have proposed an amendment to their governing documents to reduce their quorum requirement.