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5312.07 Examination of books and records

(A) Unless otherwise prohibited by this section, any owner may examine and copy the books, records, and minutes of the owners association that division (C) of section 5312.06 of the Revised Code describes, pursuant to reasonable standards set forth in the declaration, bylaws, or rules the board promulgates. The standards may include, but are not limited to, standards governing the type of documents that are subject to examination and copying, the times and locations at which those documents may be examined or copied, and the specification of a reasonable fee for copying the documents.

(B) Unless approved by the board of directors, an owner may not examine or copy any of the following from books, records, and minutes:

(1) Information that pertains to property-related personnel matters;

(2) Communications with legal counsel or attorney work product pertaining to potential, threatened or pending litigation, or other property-related matters;

(3) Information that pertains to contracts or transactions currently under negotiation, or information that is contained in a contract or other agreement containing confidentiality requirements and that is subject to those requirements;

(4) Information that relates to the enforcement of the declaration, bylaws, or rules of the owners association against other owners;

(5) Information, the disclosure of which is prohibited by state or federal law.

Added by 128th General Assembly File No. 41, SB 187, § 1, eff. 9/10/2010.