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5312.08 Common elements; maintenance, repair and replacement

(A) Unless otherwise provided by the declaration, the owners association is responsible for reasonable maintenance, repair, and replacement of the common elements, and each owner is responsible for maintenance, repair, and replacement of the owner’s lot and improvements to that lot, including the dwelling unit and the utility lines serving that dwelling unit.

(B) An owner shall permit agents or employees of the owners association and other owners access through the owner’s lot and dwelling unit for the purpose of fulfilling the association’s duties and obligations. Any damage to the common elements, lot, or dwelling unit due to that access is the responsibility of the owner that caused the damage or the owners association if it is responsible for the damage. That owner, or the owners association, is liable for the prompt repair of any damage and, if not repairable, for the value of the damaged property or item as it existed immediately prior to that damage.

Added by 128th General Assembly File No. 41, SB 187, § 1, eff. 9/10/2010.